Saturday, November 01, 2014

"Trick or Treat!"

Ran a little bit out of time, but better late than never. Here's the finished Halloween Bethyl illustration. As usual, I'm noticing my inclination for night scenes. Also, blues and purples for skies--can't seem to get away from those colors, lol. 

I made Daryl's shell with the signature winged design seen on his jacket. While drawing the feathers, I was strongly reminded of the good old days when I used to play Mario Bros, and I had to get past those pesky Koopa Troopa turtles. 
Now that I think about it, doing a Bethyl/video game crossover is not a bad idea. 

Adding to the list!


Trick or Treat, Mixed Media and Digital on paper.  © Jenny De La Torre. 2014


Here's a bit on the process. After the final drawing is done, I start out laying the color scheme with watercolors. I love, love, love! the "sketchy" look. I make sure to keep as much of my line work visible as possible. After the watercolors, I redo some of the line work, then work on the surface texture with Acryla gouache....

This photo doesn't do justice to the colors I slapped on for hours, but it's close enough. Only when the right "mood" has been achieved with my color choices, do I go in and touch up with Corel Painter Lite. Rather than rely on the software to alter the appearance of my painting, I make sure to stick to the original color concept and avoid touching my line work more than necessary.

And now, bed time.

G'night, folks!