Sunday, November 09, 2014

Sketch Dailies #1: "Baymax"

A tribute to the Big Hero 6 movie!
 I Saw it on Friday and loved it.  For once, I didn't even mind it was opening night. I have a thing about crowds, and I tend to avoid them like the plague. But this particular crowd was alright. The kids behaved themselves and the parents seemed to enjoy the movie as much as they did. The scenery was amazing! The idea of a city called "San Fransokyo" was pretty nifty. I sure would like to live there.


This is a piece I did for Sketch Dailies. I quite enjoyed jumping into the fray without planning ahead for once. I'll be dabbling into Sketch_Dailies more often. It's a good place to do some quick sketches and warm up those creative juices.

Baymax Hugs, Mixed Media and Digital on watercolor paper.  © Jenny De La Torre. 2014
The story: Baymax saves a homeless kitten from the snow and promptly gives him some TLC. The kitten's name is Mello, as in Marshmallow, right?


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