Sunday, November 02, 2014

"Petite Chinook"

A commission piece from FB fan, Kayleigh Richards! It features her adorable daughter, blowing a kiss while sending three little Chinooks to the sky.

 This was a small watercolor piece (5.5in x 8in), tweaked a bit with Corel Painter Lite. As a bonus, I got to experiment creating bubbles with my paint program, and I've got to say--loving it! I want to thank fellow artist Apofiss for his Bubble Tutorial.  It took me a while to get the idea of his step by step process. Sadly, I'm self taught in the digital painting department so it's not as easy for me to paint in Corel as it is with a brush. Still, the learning process is fascinating and I admire Digital Artists more and more everyday. 

But does this mean I'll give up traditional art and be fully digital? Or in the words of Darth Vader, "Come to the dark side?"



 But it's nice (and useful) to be somewhat fluent with another medium, right? 


Petite Chinook, Mixed Media and Digital on paper.  © Jenny De La Torre. 2014

* SOLD *

* * *
Yup, this is the little model for the piece. Hmm, I guess I painted her a bit grown up in the picture      *nervous laughter* --  But the mom said she loved it, so cheers for that! 

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