Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Bethyl wip ~

After taking a poll on Tumblr and twitter, I asked fellow Walking Dead fans the following question: 

"A show of hands (or hearts)- who'd like to see me draw Beth and Daryl dressed up in a Squirrel and Turtle costume for Halloween?"

After a stream of positive responses, I present to you the  Halloween Bethyl WIP!

Daryl is just about done. I'll post the finished piece sometime later today.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

"Greene Sisters"

Walking Dead fan art of the Greene sisters ~ Beth and Maggie. 

These two have been through a lot since the beginning of season 2 when they are introduced into the story, and well past season 4 when they lost their father and circumstances forced them to separate from one another. 

I'm looking forward to seeing them back together again.


Greene Sisters, Watercolor and Digital on paper.  © Jenny De La Torre. 2014


For this piece, I used mechanical pencil, watercolors, colored pencils, white ink and I outlined some of it with Blue Col-Erase pencil.


Walking Dead Fan Art ~ WIP

 A Walking Dead WIP featuring the Greene Sisters ~ Beth and Maggie.  This was a special request by twitter fan @kreykytalk.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

"Star Shower"

Walking Dead Season 5 premiers tonight! 
And to commemorate this momentous occasion, I did this Bethyl piece to give you warm and fuzzy feelings. Yup, you got it, that's Daryl's poncho design on that umbrella. I hope AMC will take the hint and start making merchandise like this. So far I've made a blanket, a sweater and now an umbrella.

The possibilities are endless!


Star Shower, Watercolor and Digital on paper.  © Jenny De La Torre. 2014

WIP pics:

Sunday, October 05, 2014


Anila and Kapi off to an adventure!


Map, Mixed media on Watercolor paper & Digital.  © Jenny De La Torre. 2014

Saturday, October 04, 2014

"Not of this earth" show!

I arrived a bit late, but still managed to catch the crowd. The Bear & Bird Gallery was lively last night, with a gathering of alien fanatics!


Without further ado...

Of all the pieces in the show, this was my favorite one. Don't know why, but something about it just made me smile.


This space kitty was also pretty nifty. 

Yay! Here's my piece.

Of course, I couldn't end this post without a shot of this classic Alien shot. By far, the best alien in the movie industry.