Sunday, March 30, 2014

"We'll Be Good"

Just finished watching The Walking Dead, Season 4 finale!
 While I'm very sad it's over (for now),  I'll settle for randomly drawing TWD fan art, especially Bethyl pieces.

This piece is a particular favorite scene of mine from episode "Alone." Beth singing "Be Good" by Waxahatchee, while playing the piano for Daryl. 

Although the scene of her singing was very brief, this is how I imagine it went off screen: Beth gets so wrapped up in the song, Daryl can't help but quietly admire her from his coffin-bed, while a secret smile plays on his lips.

I wanted to give Beth a sort of ethereal atmosphere, with the candlelight giving her almost a dream-like appearance. 

(thank you, Corel Painter Lite!)


  1. hello,

    i had never heard of this show. your art makes me want to see it. you portray the characters with a beautiful depth of feeling, a true joy to see.

    1. Hey, Tammie.

      The show has depth, a lot of heart, but a ridiculous amount of gore and brutality to balance it out. You wouldn't know it by my style, but I like horror movies. So, gore is sort of something I'm used to *laughs* - However, the show grew on me because of the character of Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus. Without him, the show to me would've been great, but not awesome. And this unlikely duo didn't "pair up" until well into the middle of season 4, so this is pretty shiny and new to me. That being said, I love the show more because I found a duo to root for. ^__^ Definitely give it a try. And thank you so much for the comment, I really appreciate the feedback!