Saturday, March 29, 2014

"Don't give up, find something to believe in"

Inspired by the acoustic cover song "Don't Give Up" performed by Cary Brothers (original by Peter Gabriel)- and "Something to Believe In" by Parachute, I meshed these two songs together to create this Bethyl piece. 

Struggling to cope with his sense of loss, Daryl finds comfort with thoughts of Beth. The bond they shared becomes his source of strength, and Beth's words of encouragement resonate deep in his heart. As a protector, mentor and friend, Daryl found something to believe in for once in his life and damn if he's going to give that up now.

Don't Give Up, Find Something to Believe In,  Mixed Media and Digital on watercolor paper. © Jenny De La Torre. 2014

*  *   *

I began this piece with a mix of traditional mediums: watercolors, colored pencils, mechanical pencils, acrylics and gouache. I think I even threw in some pastels. Only after I was satisfied with the right color schemes, did I slap on some light digital touch ups. 

A close up of Beth.


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