Sunday, March 30, 2014

"We'll Be Good"

Just finished watching The Walking Dead, Season 4 finale!
 While I'm very sad it's over (for now),  I'll settle for randomly drawing TWD fan art, especially Bethyl pieces.

This piece is a particular favorite scene of mine from episode "Alone." Beth singing "Be Good" by Waxahatchee, while playing the piano for Daryl. 

Although the scene of her singing was very brief, this is how I imagine it went off screen: Beth gets so wrapped up in the song, Daryl can't help but quietly admire her from his coffin-bed, while a secret smile plays on his lips.

I wanted to give Beth a sort of ethereal atmosphere, with the candlelight giving her almost a dream-like appearance. 

(thank you, Corel Painter Lite!)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sketchbook Corner #18

Another Bethyl WIP.

 Still trying to work out the composition for Beth in this piece, but Daryl is comfortably juuust right lying there relaxed in the foreground.  

I drew inspiration from episode "Alone," from the scene where Beth sings to Daryl, while he settles down in a coffin.


Can't wait to finish this piece!

"Don't give up, find something to believe in"

Inspired by the acoustic cover song "Don't Give Up" performed by Cary Brothers (original by Peter Gabriel)- and "Something to Believe In" by Parachute, I meshed these two songs together to create this Bethyl piece. 

Struggling to cope with his sense of loss, Daryl finds comfort with thoughts of Beth. The bond they shared becomes his source of strength, and Beth's words of encouragement resonate deep in his heart. As a protector, mentor and friend, Daryl found something to believe in for once in his life and damn if he's going to give that up now.

Don't Give Up, Find Something to Believe In,  Mixed Media and Digital on watercolor paper. © Jenny De La Torre. 2014

*  *   *

I began this piece with a mix of traditional mediums: watercolors, colored pencils, mechanical pencils, acrylics and gouache. I think I even threw in some pastels. Only after I was satisfied with the right color schemes, did I slap on some light digital touch ups. 

A close up of Beth.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014


My finished Walking Dead fan art! It features Daryl Dixon, and the dog that (hopefully) he'll be allowed to have someday on the show. 

Sigh, one can only dream.


Partners, Mixed Media on cardstock paper. © Jenny De La Torre. 2014

Sketchbook Corner #16 ~ The Walking Dead fan art

I can't believe there's only one episode left until the season finale of The Walking Dead! 
 But more than seeing the zombie apocalypse and awesome character development, this show would not have made as much of an impact on me, if not for the character of Daryl Dixon played by Norman Reedus.


After watching episodes "Still"  and "Alone," I was immediately taken by the unlikely duo of Beth and Daryl. I have to admit, she grew on me. Never thought these characters would compliment each other, but good writing is funny that way.

*  *   *

This is Beth and Daryl perched safely on a tree, while he listens to her ramble on about something from her past life. I'll be making this into a final piece, I think. Just got to work out the layout a little more.

This, I did for a good laugh. Beth and Daryl camping out. Beth glances over at Daryl and is surprised to find him in a predicament. A fuzzy little caterpillar has perched on the twig Daryl has in his mouth, and he's caught in a battle of the wills against the tiny creature.
Honestly, Beth is really trying not to laugh.

The most heart wrenching scene from the episode "Alone" is when Daryl, after endlessly following the road in hopes of catching up to the car that took Beth, comes to a fork in the road and doesn't know where to go. He collapses to the floor, defeated. I imagine as he is sitting alone on that road, Beth materializes like a ghost, leans against Daryl and begins to sing. Beth once told him: "You're going to miss me so bad when I'm gone, Daryl Dixon."

This is the moment when Daryl feels the impact of her words. 

I recently saw an interview of Norman Reedus and how he helped solidify the character of Daryl Dixon. On this interview, Norman confessed that he felt Daryl should have a dog on the show, and he expressed this idea to the producer of the Walking Dead. Unfortunately, this request was declined. However, I could totally imagine Daryl with a dog. We would get to see a much softer side to him-- when no one's looking, of course.
* laughs*

I liked the idea of Daryl having a dog so much, I did a much more elaborate sketch. This dog, who I have named "Savannah," would be super useful to Daryl. She could carry his bolts on a traveling pack, retrieve them when salvageable, and help him track when out in the woods. 

The final piece will be up soon!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kis-Kis Collection, coming soon!

I'm super excited to finally present to the world the "Kis-Kis" ~ mischievous woodland creatures introduced a while back in this post.

These two mini paintings  are up for sale now:  The Striped Fig

Go Fish!   6x6 inches . Acryla Gouache and Colored Pencils on watercolor paper

 © Jenny De La Torre. 2014


Pensive.  6x6 inches . Acryla Gouache and Colored Pencils on watercolor paper

 © Jenny De La Torre. 2014