Monday, January 06, 2014

"Sleep, Prince Regolith"

"Deep in the forest sleeps a Prince," the woodland spirits would whisper. "He is a majestic creature, with eyes like Amethyst and regal antlers crowned upon his head. The very air around him hums with old magic long forgotten, and only in secret can one gaze upon this fair beast." 

*  *  *

Behold! My piece for the Square Show 4 is complete!

 I had a blast with this palette and design. It surpassed the original sketch I had, which is always a nice surprise. I also strayed from my original concept for Regolith, though honestly I think it worked in my favor. 

Stay tuned for more photos when the show opens on January 17th! 


  The Story: Anila wanders into this wooded sanctuary and finds the sleeping Prince.  He appears made entirely of flora, with leaves like gems glistening wherever the light catches them. However, each leaf is as much a part of him as the scales on a fish. Quietly, the spirit of the lake, a gentle soul with a curious nature, watches this noble guest dream  magic into the world.  

Unbeknownst to them, in all her innocence and guided by the voices of the forest,  a human child huddles in secret mesmerized by the wondrous beasts. 

This is my favorite close up, as it stands alone like a separate illustration from the original. I really like to draw very tiny details in my pieces. It gives the viewer a chance to explore every corner of the painting and, in their own way, become a traveler in my world.

wip photos:

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