Tuesday, December 31, 2013

* 2014 ~ Ready, set, create!

To be the bearer of one's own bad news is an unfortunate fate, but such is one that I must face. 
I, to no fault but my own, did not meet with my 2013 resolution goals.

*whips herself in shame* 

 But, no matter! The world keeps on spinning. 

Moving on now.

According to Blogger, I have doubled my posts with each upcoming year since 2011. I many not have reached my goal of 365 posts, but I still made more than last year!

*pats herself in the back*

So my goals for 2014 are simple:

* Double my posts again for next year (preferably more, if possible)

*open etsy shop

*Draw, draw, and draw some more!

As always, I wish you all a Creative New Year! 
May you greet 2014 with a positive vibe and the fierce determination to achieve your goals.

~  >__<  Jenny

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