Sunday, October 27, 2013


Fellow coworker and cat lover, Allison, lost her feline companion "Oreo" about 5 months ago. This was also around the time I began my new job at the office. I was nervous, didn't know anybody, and felt very much like a fish out of water. Allison bravely came in the day after Oreo was put to sleep (he was old, very sickly and diabetic) and took me under her wing.

 I could tell she didn't want to be there; I understood that pain quite clearly. The day after Yume passed away, I had to drag my unwilling body to work,  force a smile to my face and wish customers passing by to have a good day. I hated it. Each day was a struggle, and coming home was unbearable. It took me a week to finally empty Yume's bowl of food and water. 

As a tribute to that special companion, I made her this painting of Oreo. 

May she always remember the good times they had together.

Oreo, Mixed Media on Wood. © Jenny De La Torre. 2013

** ~ In Memoriam, Oreo ~ **

* * *

 I used a mixture of Golden Acrylics, Acryla Gouache, Caran D' Ache colored pencils and an assortment of white inks for the fur. I usually work on the background first, but in this case it made sense to work out the details on Oreo from the very beginning. Later on, as I painstakingly added every blade of grass (there were three or four different shades of green used) I didn't have to worry about retouching Oreo's fur again.

Of course, I saved the best for last. I love painting eyes, especially on cats. There are just so many lovely shades you can find if you stare closely enough. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013


This was a birthday gift for my good friend, Nicole. Like me, she adores her cats (and has a thing for mushrooms, antlers and mustaches).

 This painting features her big cat, Bella, wearing antlers and sporting a very charismatic mustache--with the help of the shy, muted tortie, Olive. I wanted their surroundings to be very dreamlike, as if they'd both stepped into an Alice in Wonderland sort of landscape. 

Needless to say, it was very hard to part with this piece. Therefore, I'll definitely be making more of these. Painting on wood is such a pleasure. If you Gesso it well, the paint slides perfectly over the surface. This is especially useful if you need to paint fine hairs. 

Mustache, Mixed Media on Wood. © Jenny De La Torre. 2013 

** In Progress**

I used a mixture of Acryla Gouache, Acrylics, Gouache and  Caran D'Ache colored pencils, which I use to draw the design on the surface before applying any paint. As I begin to slap on some color, the colored pencil markings blend with a little bit of water  (they're water-soluble), but I don't go out of my way to completely cover them up. I love the "sketchy" look, and with traditional art, it's always nice to see every medium and brushstroke used to create the final illustration.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Pumpkin Hunt!

As my all-time favorite holiday, I couldn't have a complete October without carving me a pumpkin. As you can see, there was quite a plethora to choose from, but I essentially found mine. It was a bit lopsided, a little banged up here and there--but it was mine. 


The really neat thing about hunting for that perfect pumpkin, is that you have to see the design in your head before choosing the right one. 

The girls and I looking very spiffy for the camera. Also, it was super hot. I find the "Christmas Festival" sign in the background ironic. I'm still waiting on my cold front, Florida!


I didn't take any in-progress photos (too messy), but here is the result of my endeavors. Cats and paws. What else could you expect from me? 

This is the ultimate Halloween cat with the frizzed up tail. 

Monday, October 07, 2013

Sketchbook Corner #14

Quick little sketch of Kaito (bottom), Kisa (middle) and Mei-Lin (top) - My mischievous little fuzz balls.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Mysteries of the Unexplained: Opening Night at Tate's!

At last!

The opening show last night at Tate's was phenomenal. Many artist gathered to appreciate the supernatural artwork in the spirit of the mystery and unexplained events that surround us.

Enjoy the show!

* * *

Aha! Found it!

Under the Ghostly Moon

Read more about this piece here.

And here are some cool cats *he he he*

(left) Nicole, fellow artist and friend. (Right) Jenn, her charismatic fiance and my dear childhood friend. I've known this girl since Middle School. *cries*

Jenn and I looking quite spiffy.

This is Allison! Fellow coworker, cat lover, and friend. 

* * *

I met this artist at the show. Her name is Drew Esposito.
I asked her to point at her work so I could take a photo of her. She was so friendly. ^__^ 

* * *

One of my favorite pieces at the Show, by Kevin King.
So detailed--and, look! A cat! 


Woops! Jenn realized I was secretly taking a picture of her

* * * 

Another favorite piece at the show, by artist: Nomiienation 

I met this illustrator, Rachel Galvin, at the show. The colorful piece to the left is called "Inferno." She painted the black and white version of the same illustration published in the book, "Davy Jones and the Heart of Darkness."

(which she has in her hands *hehe*)

Click on her name and read more about her. She is quite the talented woman!

And here is Rachel, with the author of the book, Dave Montalbano!

* * * 

The Amazing Amanda! My awesome supervisor at work and friend.
Pointing at my illustration.

My favorite piece at the show, by Erika Taguchi-Newton.
It's called "Wading."

Alley-Cat and her friend, Star. I met so many cool, interesting people at the show.

Well, I also met this, uh, peculiar individual who thought he could point out who painted what just by placing his hand over your head and, I don't know, sensing your aura?

Yes, Halloween is approaching people.

Lock your doors.

Me, dressed up for the event.

As one of the artist at the show, I received this pin.
I shall treasure it always!

The End!