Saturday, July 20, 2013

"The Journey Begins"

Okay, so I missed Illustration Friday's deadline by a day  ( ~___~  ) ~
but I still finished this piece with much determination. The word for the week was "Travel."  My character, Anila, is beginning her journey into the whimsical unknown, accompanied by her stubborn, yet loyal friend and her inquisitive nature to guide her. 

(p.s. there is a Kis-Kis stowaway hidden in her bag)

Safe journey, Anila.

And may you find many adventures!

The Journey Begins,  Acrylics, Acryla Gouache, Ink and Colored Pencil on Strathmore Watercolor Paper. © Jenny De La Torre 2013


Below are the work-in- progress snapshots.

First, I started out with a colored pencil sketch. Nothing too fancy, just trying to feel my way around the page. I used Strathmore watercolor paper (140lb. Rough Surface)

Then, a light wash to focus my color palette. To be honest, the beginning stages of this piece were a little overwhelming at first. I didn't want something too soft, yet I had to try to balance out her young buck's rich, earthy tones with the cooler ones for the background.

After a couple of nights (painting the fur on this beast took foreveeeer!) the colors really started to come together. It's amazing how caffeine, Pandora playing in the background and the anticipation of starting a new piece can motivate you.

Finally ~
Details, details, details!
My favorite part of any painting is putting in those final touches that really make it pop. Hair detailing and the warm glow of light are my all-time favorite things to focus on towards the end.

I've always loved the "sketchy" look, so much of those details involve line work with paint. I'm also quite surprised at how soft Anila came out in the end. She looks almost dreamlike!



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