Sunday, July 28, 2013

"I'll Never Forget You"

On June 10, 2013, my big sister miscarried her baby. He was only about 5 months, but during his short existence he was my sister's entire world--and now he's gone. A couple of weeks ago, she'd asked me if I could paint a sort of tribute to him. It was a bit overwhelming, to tell you the truth. Wouldn't this cause her more pain? I wondered.
After mulling it over, I asked her to give me an idea of what she'd like to see in this tribute. From what I gathered, colors were the most important factor: Pink (to represent herself), White (for the father) and Blue (for the baby).
She'd mentioned sunsets and a beach, but no matter how many times I sketched this, nothing really had that aha! sort of feel. It was only until I was able to focus on the family itself, that an image slowly started to take form.
Pink Carnations in the language of flowers mean "I'll never forget you." It is the symbol of a mother's undying love. I thought this appropriate, as both my sister and her husband protect their baby's spirit with their unity.
I'll Never Forget You, Acryla Gouache, Ink and Acrylics on Strathmore Watercolor Paper.

© Jenny De La Torre. 2013
***In Loving Memory***
~  Keran Lloyd Jr. ~

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