Sunday, May 26, 2013

Welcome, distractions!

Hello! Long time no see...  ^____^;
I've been a little wrapped up in my new job these past couple of weeks, but a few days ago I added....a little something more that's keeping me away from the drawing table .
I adopted this little scrap of a kitten and named her Mei-Lin. She is the sweetest, spunkiest little tyke. And, though Kisa and Kaito are three times her size, she's not afraid to puff up and stand her ground. She's small for her age (believe it or not, she's two months), but she's a force to be reckoned with.  
Welcome to your new family, Mei-Lin!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

* * Happy Mother's Day! * *

Just wanted to share these little gifts I got for a very special lady
~ my Mom! ^___^

...and this is an old photograph of my mom helping me cut the cake on my 4th birthday (or maybe it was my fifth? o__O)

To all the Moms around the world, I wish you happiness on your special day!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

"Farewell, Yume"

It's been three years, three months, and 6 days. On that cold February night, I woke up to the sound of you fighting for your last breath. If I close my eyes, I can still picture that moment: me, calling out your name over and over again. I had never felt so powerless in my life.  You, fragile and lifeless on my bed, your golden eyes being swallowed gradually by darkness. 

Death embraced you and took away your pain.
You were gone.
This is a piece dedicated to my tuxedo cat, Yume. I didn't have the heart to paint her after she died. Too painful, I guess. But when Illustration Friday presented the topic of "Farewell" and "Tribute,"  I couldn't get this image out of my head.

This is the moment Yume's spirit gives her farewell and becomes a star, but not before she whispers, "I will always be your grumpy cat, Jenny. Thank you for loving me." 

   As a tribute to Yume's memory, she will feature in her own mini adventures and cross paths with my character, Anila, from time to time.
Farewell, Yume, Mixed Media on Strathmore Watercolor Paper.
© Jenny De La Torre 2013

Love you, always.

WIP and detail pictures:

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Visit me soon, Grandma!

It was my grandmother's 78th birthday last month. She's the lovely lady in the middle, side by side with her two sisters, and looking as uncomfortable as I do when someone takes forever to snap a picture.
 I hope she will make a trip to the states by the end of this month.
 Love you, grandma!