Saturday, April 27, 2013

Trip to Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery: Starter Art 2 show.

I went to the  gallery opening show at Tate's Comic Book Store and had a blast! A plethora of amazing talent decorated the walls, with each artist adding a personal touch of magic to the show. Among them was one of my favorite artists, Nicole Gustafsson. You can find her blog here.  I also found a piece (not part of this particular show, but still cool) from Filipino artist May Ann Licudine, a.k.a. MALL. You can find her blog here.

Nicole Gustafsson


Kim Laurenti

Art by May Ann Licudine, a.k.a. MALL
These are just a select few. For more pictures of the show, follow the link to my facebook page and check out the entire album!

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