Sunday, April 28, 2013

Special Delivery!

The best part about coming home from a looong day at work (other than being home, ha ha!) is to find a special package on the counter made out just to you. In this case, my good friend Ashley sent me an envelope full of surprises which I ordered from her Etsy.
Wrapped in a snazzy package.

Enclosed in a plastic cover.

An original ACEO card, made with colored pencils (blue! <3) and micro pens. Beautiful color blending and line work.
This guy was my favorite of the bunch. Those soft green eyes and cute little blue scruff, how could I resist his charm!
 I'm glad no one had taken it from the shop yet.


I didn't order this. It came as an extra surprise, along with a coupon! >___<


Thank you, Ashley!



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