Friday, April 26, 2013

Illustration Friday: "Train" ~ also, introducing Anila and the mischievous Kis-Kis.

It was a close call, but I finally managed to finish my piece for Illustration Friday's : Train. This topic was also a great opportunity to formally introduce my girl,  Anila. If you remember from this previous post, she is the brave traveler who wanders from one mysterious land to another in search of adventures.  Subsequently, she is also the original character of "Egg." I couldn't think of an appropriate name until a few nights ago (had an "aha!" moment again, but  I will leave the origin of her name for another day ^__^)
Kis-Kis Train, Mixed Media on Strathmore Colored Art Paper.
© Jenny De La Torre 2013
The little woodland creatures following Anila are called "Kis-Kis" [Pronounced like 'KEE' with an S]. They are modelled after my cat, Kisa. They look like a mesh of raccoon, barn owl, squirrel, cat and a bit of alien?

More on their origin will be revealed soon!
Of course, Kisa has a final say on the concept art.  





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