Friday, March 29, 2013

An unexpected phone call ~ *

Whenever my cell rings and I notice the screen display a strange name and number, I usually:
a) Cringe at the thought of  it being DirectTV  (long story. Has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with the individual who owned this # before me. Yes, I even know his name, the jerk -___- )
b) Ponder at how awkward a conversation I might have with the strange caller, especially when they realize they've dialled the wrong number. Believe me, there have been plenty.
c) Let my voicemail pick up. Hey, that's what it's for, right?
So I opted for 'B.'   To my surprise and delight, it turned out that not only was the call for me, but I was given the good news by a member of Cat's Exclusive that "Family Tree" had found a home! Long story short, I donated this piece to the Dine and Donate event to benefit this cat rescue organization. During these gatherings, cat lovers everywhere have a chance to participate in raffles. Mine just so happen to be one of the prizes. Well, someone won the original piece, but the caller's friend really wanted it (she's a Maine Coon lover).
So, to make a fellow cat lover happy, "Family Tree" will be professionally printed, framed and sent off to another good home.

 I really should get that etsy shop open, huh?

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