Friday, February 22, 2013

Free Corel Painter 12 Trial

I'm a traditional artist to the core. I love to see each and every brushstroke and pencil sketch on paper.  But today, I dabbled into the unknown. The "Dark Side," if you will. I've avoided painting digitally because I cringe at how "fake" the effects look on the screen. Also, I'm not very confident with digital painting programs. I mean, the only program I'm familiar with is "Paint," for crying out loud! 
But, what the heck. I acquired a free trial from Corel Painter 12, and I've got to say I kind of like the program. Love, love, love the painting effects, too. I used a sketch I posted a few days ago and played around with it. Here's the result.



I had waaay more fun than I thought I would. This program wasn't the scary, confusing mesh I thought it would be. Might make the investment in the future and purchase an art tablet (I painted this with my mouse ^__^). So, no more Traditional vs. Digital. Why can't we all just get along, right?

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