Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013 ~ ready or not!

Well, here it is. My official "first" post of the new year.
*sighs in contentment*
 After a productive day running errands (paying rent, going to the post office, etc), I decided to reward myself with a bit of an artistic shopping spree. I went to Barnes and Noble (bought a sketchbook and had a delicious coffee here ^__^), Pearl's Art Store (...bought another sketchbook. One can never have too many, in my opinion) and Tate's (comic book store)! I feel suitably prepared to tackle my resolutions this year.  I haven't read The Successful Artist's Career Guide  yet, but it looks promising. I'm hoping it will give me some insight about possible career choices this year. If I find something good, I'll share it next time!       

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