Friday, August 10, 2012

Sketchbook Corner #5

Lately I've been diligently keeping up with my sketchbook rituals. Sometimes I even sneak a doodle here and there during work ^__^;  

Below is a two-page spread of my 2011-2012 Sketchbook. I want to say this is my "official" first sketchbook, though I've had many others during High School and College. However, said sketchbooks are either lost (moving from one place to another, possibly thrown into one of many garbage bags) or too embarrassing to post >__<

This particular sketch started out with the girl painting by the window, then slowly progressed into adding "just a bit more" as the hours passed by. This spread is supposed to represent me (on the left) exhausted and sleeping on my bed after an artist's hard day at work--while my  "creativity" (on the right) never sleeps.


This is yet another project I have given myself. I've always wanted to do my version of the zodiac signs...with cats! 


Naturally everybody likes a cute little Carnotaurus randomly drawn in their sketchbook somewhere. Actually, I'm learning how to draw dragons. What better models than dinosaurs, right?

I saw the Pixar movie Brave and fell in love with Merida's horse. I've always liked really big horses with feathery feet...I just never knew they were called Clydesdale.

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