Sunday, February 05, 2012

Sketchbook Corner #2

A few sketches I did for the character featured in the post "Egg"

Also, I'm finally done with my color exercises! =____=

....exhausted, yet satisfied.

Thursday, February 02, 2012


Back in College, Color Fundamentals was my favorite class (aside from Narrative Drawing, of course ^__^).  Last night, I decided to go back to basics and challenge myself with a couple of color exercises I learned from this experience. In this very class, I was introduced to Gouache and decided it would become my favorite medium to work with. When I left school, however, I began to neglect my love for Gouache completely. Worse, now whenever I find myself ready to paint, I am hesitant about my color choices and feel dissatisfied with the results afterwards.
Well, no more! This week is all about homework. Rigorous color studies until my hand falls off. Just one step closer to a portfolio I can be proud of.

I started with a Basic Color Wheel, then moved on to Tints, Shades, Hues, etc. On the top left, I studied all the shades of blue I had (Ultramarine Deep, Winsor Blue, etc) and mixed them with two yellows (Fluorescent and Primary). Then, I split a circle and mixed the result with white, then black. I'll be doing these for other colors and working out combinations to see what works best. Yeah, yeah, I'm taking the long way, but it'll be worth it.