Thursday, January 19, 2012

Welcome back, Self! Now get back to work!

It's been a while since my last post (wow, exactly three months today! O__o) but, in my defence, it's been a rather bumpy transition into the new year... =___=

First off, the upsides: moving back to the U.S. this March. After an 18 month absence, I'll finally be able to see my sister and best friends again (yay!). Along with this long awaited reunion, A/C will be a part of my life once more. Bliss! Also, English-speaking movie releases. I miss those!!! I had to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 1 & 2 in Spanish! The horror...

Now, the downsides:
Because of certain circumstances, I can't take Noa and Kiba with me to the U.S. With a heavy heart, I've given them away to good homes. I will miss them terribly, those crazy furballs. On a happy note, the person who adopted Noa and the person who adopted Kiba are neighbors!

Along with the holidays, I was hired to do some paintings to sell. Here are a few:

Hacienda El Paraiso, Acrylic on ceramic plate,
© Jenny De La Torre 2011

La Azulina, Acrylic on roof tile. (This was actually my aunt's Christmas gift) 
© Jenny De La Torre 2011

Hacienda El Paraiso (II), Acrylic on roof tile,
© Jenny De La Torre 2011

Guacamayos, Acrylic on roof tile,
© Jenny De La Torre 2011

Hacienda El Paraiso (IIi), Acrylic on roof tile,
© Jenny De La Torre 2011

One of the things I'll definitely miss is getting to raise animals.
On December 28th, I was given five duck eggs. I placed them under one of my hens so she could incubate and eventually two were born. I helped them come out of their shell, but because the hen rejected them I was given the role of Mother Duck -__-
(yes, they imprinted and follow me wherever I go.)
This is what their tiny world looks like on the inside. I am humbled by the complexity of nature and its ability to make everything fit just right. Living here has inspired and given me a plethora of ideas to convey through my illustrations. I can't wait to get started! 

Three days old! The male's name is Tuesday (on the right) and the female (left), Wednesday.  

This is them at two weeks. The one in the back is Tuesday. He is the biggest and the loudest of the two. Wednesday is shy and hardly makes a peep, except when her brother strays too far from her.
Well, that's that. Looking forward to 2012 and the many projects I'll be stumbling through along the way. 

This may be late, but...Happy New Year, Everyone! ^___^

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