Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What does Middle-of-Nowhere, Colombia look like?

Taking a break from drawing today, I wanted to show you what I see in Middle-of-Nowhere. Well, okay, it's not really middle of nowhere. I'm sure it has its proper location on the map (if you know where to find it), but it's a very, very small town. I live in a ranch (farm, whatever) called Villa Milena.  Above you can see the vineyard, a vegetable garden on the left, the road that leads to the main gate, and a small kiosk all the way on the far right. It's next to a small pond where the ducks live, but the photo doesn't show.

If you sneak up to the second floor, from my parent's balcony you can see this! On a very bright, clear day the mountains show more color and you can even see small houses from where we live. At night, houses illuminate the mountain making it look like a resting place for fireflies.

Just another view. On the far left, you can see the chicken house.

That little house in the far distance are the bathrooms for guests O__ o.  Beyond that, it's a jungle out there. 

...and this is my house! It took about four months to build, but they're still not done. Most importantly, we are lacking a front door! Luckily, it's pretty safe around where we live and we've gotten used to it, honestly. I would still like a front door, though. It gets super chilly at night. Also, try watching a scary movie with a void looming behind you. >_<

a view of the house from the chicken coop.

after my morning chores, I go hunting for these.

...and these are the kind of creatures that fly into your house when you don't have a front door -__- We've gotten toads, bats, giant butterflies, a small snake in my room once (but the cats took care of it.). No scorpions, though, so yay for us!

My room and art table. Messy, but everything has its place >_<

The house dogs, Yuki (to the left) and Haru (on the right). They're sniffing about a dozen eggs I found in the hen house. On a side note, Haru is Yuki's son. She only had one litter-- four girls and a boy-- so we kept him. And, yes, I have a thing for Japanese names.

...and these are my darlings: Kiba (the gray one) and Noa. I brought Noa with me from the U.S. about a year ago and Kiba I found abandoned inside a sack also a year ago, a month after I moved here. Noa was not very pleased with me when I came home with him, but he eventually grew on her.

Kiba. Mischief is his middle name.

Animal count at Villa Milena: 4 dogs, 2 cats, 20 chicks, 5 hens, 1 rooster, 2 ducks, 1 cow, 1 horse and a hamster.

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